Name: David Vereb
Cell: (814) 460-9494


Listed below are all of the games I have created along with their current status and version number.

Unnamed Game
Paused, Alpha 1.09

The Lands of Elendore
Paused, Alpha 6

2D Space Game
Paused, Alpha 1.03

2D Snake Game
Paused, Alpha 1.03


Games created by David Vereb.

Here is a list of my old video games. Although most are programmed in C++ with directx, some are browser based with the intent of being ported over to directx at a later time. Download links will be provided as well as links to report issues with the games as most are constantly under development. I switch around from project to project a lot, so the status of each project can easily be found on the left hand side of this site. I hope you have fun with my creations! All games are copyright © 2007-2013 Redistribution of these games is not allowed without written concent from myself (David Vereb). If you intend on creating a link to any of these games, please link to this site instead of a direct download link. Thanks and enjoy!


Version: Alpha 1.07
Released: May 4, 2009
Download Link: Click Here to download!

About: This unnamed game is all about a green box. In any mode, mousing over the green box causes it to explode. In doing so, the explosion creates another green box and a lot more white boxes. If the green box fades away before you mouse over it again, you lose! When playing in endless mode, the amount of boxes will start to increase while you play until you lose. Other modes are under development but will be achievement based. One example would be mousing over a certain amount of boxes in a row quickly. I will add more as I continue to program the game.


Version: Alpha 6
Released: February 12, 2009
Play Link: Click Here to play!

About: The Lands of Elendore was the first game I released online. It is a MMORPG originally intended to teach me how to program in php. Throughout the years of its development I have learned not only about php, but about game design in general. It will always be under construction as I simply use it to test ideas. There are many versions, all with their specific feature sets. Hopefully a playable version will be available some day, but for now you can just mess around in the most recent version at


Version: Alpha 1.03
Released: Late 2008

About: This game was a test for several programming concepts. It was my first fully functional 2 player game in directx! I then upgraded it to become a MMO style game. It was developed as I was learning the basic concepts of networking for games.


Version: Alpha 1.03
Released: Late 2008
Download Link: Click Here to download!
Warning: These older games of mine might have issues running on really fast computers! If you have problems, contact me

About: I'm not really sure where the source code for this game is right now, but it is simply my own twist on the snake game. You need to collect enough boxes to increase the length of your snake to the point where you can fill up all the outlined squares. Upon doing so, you have completed the level and the next level begins!